Alimar Sea Products A.Ş.

At first Alimar established in 2002 inTurkey, Later became a member Group Bostanci in 2004. Alimar soon took the brand name Red Tiger For their new line of products, most of the new line of products featured crab meat. Shortly after RedTiger expanded its product range and has added more fresh and flavorful products to the range. Alimar containued to research new products wuch as different types of fish and even vegetarian options, In 2008 after numerous tests and market research today serves many different packaging styles with more than 15 different products.

Alimar, the consumer attaches importance to the principles of quality and health conditions, it has announced the name in the industry by offering the best service possible. Produced and released by Alimar product families are:

-Imitation Of seafood; Mediterranean Delight (crab-flavored breaded with actual clamp), crab, lobster, salmon-flavored version, (In October, Alimar will start producing shrimp and squid.)

-Coupling Game Fish Products; schinitzels fish, burgers and nuggets, fish fingers and fish piece.

-Coupling But natural fish portions; fish fingers, fish fillets, fish portions and natural.

-Vegetable Plate; veggie burgers and veggie patties, corn balls, falafel rolls.

Turkey's population also has a very large potential market for food is over 75 million. As each city grows and develops, frozen and prepared foods to make it easier to enter in our lives. People rush the pace of daily life and increase healthy food ready and orientation also showed an increase. Meanwhile, catering companies have started to grow day by day.


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