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A. Bahadir Bostanci first started in 1972 with the car with the People's Insurance softaj and has established partnerships and CASCO A.S. of damage to control. Casco A.S. 4 floor building located at Mecidiyeköy and consisting of 50 base stations for cars, with an indoor area of 4000m², when Renault was the largest private service station and garage. A. Bahadir Bostanci is has taken the output and in 3 years has seen an increase of 7-fold in the non-profit organization.

Priva A.S. that the chairman and founder of consulting in the privatization sector as a company founded by A. Bahadir Bostanci. Barclays de Zoete wedd Bank, Coopers & Lybrand, Bupa consortium has undertaken work with Sümerbank customization Priv. In addition a database project for the Central Bank, Mechanical and Chemical (TCI) have been involved in many projects such as pre-privatization evaluation project. A. Bahadir Bostanci is highly influential figure valuable health studies in the framework of the master plan has sold its stake in the company to other partners.

A. Bahadir Bostanci and Swiss partners with pagers in 1992 (pager) and TV VBA helped establish Foreks A.S. with the aim of providing financial information and news from the channel. In the following years, the Forex Financial Information Communication sector grew rapidly and has gains of 65%. After the successful development of Foreks A.S, A. Bahadir Bostanci helped create Turkey's first news channel in partnership with the BBC and Dogus Holding and in 1996, Radio Forex was established. After the radio's rise had been sold in 1998, to Kanal D.

A. Bahadir Bostanci establishing the company ITS which developed branchless banking IVR systems to be used in Akbank and has been used in established large banks such as Dışbank and Pamuk, Intervoice (USA) also realized very successful projects with the systems. In the following years, many companies and organizations started to improve their customer relations using the IVR systems.

In 1995, ITS, together with the BBC, bringing the Teletext Teletext system to Kanal D. ITS has introduced the system which is foreign to the population at that time. In 1999, the ITS system of analog broadcasting changed to a system of digital broadcasting and the Teletext has had its own systems raised to a higher level. Teletext In the following years has expanded with the participation of 2004 TGRT.

Alimar A.S. began its activity in 2002. The company was founded under the leadership of A. Bahadir Bostanci. It was the first and only factory in the Middle East and producer of the Balkans surimi products. In Turkey, the products of Alimar are more commonly sold under the brand of RedTiger and can be found in all the chain stores and dealers for seafood and has reached the daily production capacity of 2 tons.

Artı Eksi A.S. Battery life is always degrading via use and eventually the cells will appear as good as dead, by using a technology that is very new in the world and together with partners Artı Eksi A.S. was established with a facility that allows the renovation of industrial batteries. With annual capacity of 80,000 batteries that contribute to the economy and combating environmental pollution is a very modern investments. And with new plans and goals Artı Eksi A.S. has targeted the GSM sector and has made the first agreement with Vodafone and in the coming years Artı Eksi A.S. will continue to expand.

Armed with new investments and projects ABL cosmetics, Target products and services include food supplement (including the products from Dr. Hittich), cosmetics, halal cosmetics, halal children's products, spa products, cold bandage products, marketing, advertising, e-commerce and call center management. Together with our Chinese business partner, our company is preparing for an ‘electric motorbike rental fleet project’ and will begin the first phase of this project in the near future.

With Professional management team and staff multiple new projects will be undertaken in the new factory and headquarters next year.


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Group Bostanci is a constantly evolving group, with an ever renewing structure for the goal of being able to fully meet the needs of the business world and to maintain the standard of quality we provide with all our products and projects. You can contact via email address “” any questions and Enquiries you way have.

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