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    Yet, with its professional and dynamic management team and personnel, it is forseen to have many other successful projects in the upcoming future.

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  • ABL Kozmetik ve Sağlık Ürünleri

    ABL is a experienced and dynamic company, which was established in 2012. ABL researches the world markets for innovative and unique projects. Main intention is to engage in marketing, sales and distribution of cosmetics, personal care products and food supplements.

    In health care products we provide, our mission is to provide for all of the needs of the consumers with our worldwide known, result-oriented, effective brands by developing detailed long-term marketing and sales strategies with our powerful and experienced structure in the personal care industry. For instance ABL provides Halal care products that are produced arccording to the Islamic expectations of ingredients and production conditions. We don’t specialize only on the cosmetics fixing the outer beauty but we know that healthy nutrition also affects how bright a person looks.

    It has been the worlds trend to live healthy so people have been tending towards natural food and food supplements. Turkey also have been influenced by this mentality of ‘High Quality Living’. People nowadays want to know what it is that they eat which means the habits of concious nutrition is improving. Lider provides the %100 natural and pharmaceutically approved Doctor Hittich food supplements from Germany. Its important for us that our products are supported by scientific research.

    We provide 24 hour customer service so that our customers know they are not left alone with a bottle of pills. We are behind our products with our specialized call center and product ingredient information on our website.

    ABL brings together its brands with their target audience via many sales channels such as Pharmacies, Perfumeries, Hair Styling Saloons, Department Stores, Chain Stores and Health & Beauty Stores. When offering its products, the most important factor considered by ABL is to match the right product with the right consumer and help them get the best results.

    Web Page:www.ablkozmetik.com

    Web Page:www.ablkozmetik.com.tr

  • Alimar Gıda A.Ş

    Alimar is the first surimi producer in Turkey. It was founded in 2002, and has become a member of Group Bostanci in 2004. With the start of the business, Alimar was producing crab Surimi’s under her known brand Red Tiger. Then the range of products expanded and Alimar had more tastes in its basket. In 2008, Alimar wanted to improve its business by producing delicious breaded fish and vegetables. After market searches and many product tests, today, more than 15 different products with many different packaging styles are provided to the customers.

    Taking all the healthy and delicious facts behind it, Alimar was encouraged to be the first in its sector. The aim was to bring quality together with healthy seafood and give the best possible customer service to the consumers. Below are the product families that are produced by Alimar and presented to the market:

    -Imitation seafood; Mediterranean delight (breaded crab tasting claws with real pincer), crab, lobster and salmon flavored surimi sticks. (In October, Alimar will start producing shrimps and squid from surimi.)

    -Breaded fish products; fish schinitzel, burger and nuggets, fish fingers and fish chunks.

    -Breaded natural fish portions; fish fingers, fish portions and natural fish fillets.

    -Breaded vegetables; veggie burger and veggie balls, corn balls, falafel rolls.

    There is a big potential in Turkey for food as the land provides home for about 75 million people. As the cities grow, the urbanization makes it easier to bring frozen goods into their lives; and people travelling frequently fascilitates ease of access to customers. In the meantime, catering companies are growing in capacity day by day.

    There are not too many opponents in the market and different types of products provided to the customers. By offering new delicious products to this growing market, there exist a big potential to grow fast and even become the leading company.

    Alimar targets to increase its quality level all the time by making use of knowhow and experience. It is expected to grow rapidly in the market and become a brand by working hard and using the right talents for the right business. The market is already showing contentment to Alimar’s efforts of bringing new and health products with technology and service.

    Alimar has spread already its business to restaurants, cafes, hotels and all major National Supermarket Chains like Metro, Tesco, Real, Carrefour, Migros, Tansas and MacroCenter.

    Web Page:www.alimar-tr.com

  • Artı Eksi Enerji Çözümleri A.Ş

    Arti Eksi Inc. was founded in 2010 as a member of Bostanci Group Companies in partnership with Allal Battery Enterprises LLC. Of USA. Arti Eksi specializes on maintenance and renewal of Traction and Stationary batteries, bringing the knowhow and experience of 19 countries (Allal Battery Enterprises) to the Turkish market.

    Batteries give life to our industrial machines and they survive between 1 to 3 years. Periodic care and proper usage can definately increase a batterys’ life span. Timely maintenance is worth it, as you can work for longer years with high efficiency. The Company handles Forklift and Golf car traction batteries, lead-acid stationary and starter batteries or deep decharge batteries like the cleaning machines use. More complex and expensive batteries which are placed in forklifts, battery powered tow trucks, stackers, tools such as industrial machines and UPS’s have much higher efficiency out of our maintenance when compared to vehicle batteries. At the moment we are servicing Vodafone to renew the batteries used in their Base Transmission Stations.

    Arti Eksi is a decisive firm, making use of the BSI technology integrated into their knowledge and experience. It believes that timely intervention and meticulous care can save you from short battery life and increased replacement costs. Thanks to the BSI Technology, the battery renews itself up to 75% after the maintenance. The outcome of our efforts on maintenance help to improve the battery life nearly twice as much, which is a huge economical benefit. The service is great and there is 2 year warranty after maintenance. In the mean time, the environment is protected from acid and lead waste through 100% recycling application of Arti Eksi.

    Web Page:www.artieksienerji.com.tr

  • SportsTouch

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    • Our mission is making use of all the knowhow and experience of the past to discover the NEWEST business adventures in the global world.


    • Our vision is to expand to new heights with our innovative hearts.

    "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life-long attempt to acquire it."

    Albert Einstein

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  • Group Bostancı

    In 1972, A.Bahadir Bostanci established KASKO Inc. in partnership with Halk Insurance. KASKO was aiming to fix the damaged cars and use the usables out of scrap cars. Kasko was a four floor building with 50 car stations located in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul covering an area of 4000m². It was the biggest private car-service station and Renault authorized service center of its time. After three years the value of the enterprise increased seven times the beginning value but Bahadir Bostanci has sold his stocks to other shareholders aiming for a better profit.

    A.Bahadir Bostanci has then started another company called Priva Inc. and has become Boards’ Chairman. Priva was giving consultancy on privatization of companies and has worked with Barclays de Zoete Wedd Bank, Coopers & Lybrand at its time. It has accomplished Bupa consortium in privatizing Sümerbank in Turkey. It has also succeeded in projects like integrating database to the Turkish Central Bank and pre-privatization inquisition of Makine Kimya. From this Company that had great projects and works in health industry too, Bahadir Bostanci once again has sold his shares

    1992 was the year Foreks Inc. was founded by A. Bahadir Bostanci in partnership with Swiss collaborators. Foreks was using pagers and TV VBI channels to offer financial information and news to people. Foreks has grown so quick that it gained 65% of the market share in Financial Information Communications sector. The success of Foreks Inc. lead Bahadir Bostanci to start up the first news radio in Turkey which is Radio Foreks, together with BBC and Dogus Holding. In 1998, Forex Inc. was sold to Kanal D.

    With the foundation of ITS by Bahadir Bostanci, he entered the growing sector of Branchless Banking. ITS started applying IVR systems to big Turkish banks like Akbank, Disbank and Pamukbank, also established many successful projects with Intervoice (USA) which ITS was representing. Later on many companies tried to implement this system for better customer relations.

    In 1995, ITS and BBC implemented Teletext System to Kanal D (pr,vate TV channel). At those times nobody new about this system but ITS worked hard to teach the Turkish population about the teletext services. In 1999, teletext system became dijital instead of analog and became more common. The system kept on growing with the merge with TGRT in 2004.

    Group Bostanci; was established again by Ali Bahadir Bostanci which grew to have subsidiaries underneath its business umbrella. (Alimar Inc, Arti Eksi Inc and Lider Inc.)

    Year 2000 was the start of Alimar Inc, as the ever first surimi producer in Middle East and Balkans. With the sales of REDTIGER brand all around the chain markets and dealerships, Alimar exceed a daily production of 2 tons.

    Arti Eksi Inc. was founded in partnership with American collaborators, with a very different technology which the world hasn’t spread yet. Arti Eksi does maintenance on used and even batteries that are considered ‘dead’, to make them re-usable. Its fascility is able to serve 80.000 batteries annually, by helping the economy and the earth at the same time. Arti Eksi has targeted the Forklift and GSM batteries, this way have signed the first contract with Vodafone. The corporation plans to start spreading branches in Turkey over the next year.

    Lider Inc. is fully equipped with projects and investment plans, bring a lot of healthy, environmental or clever products to the Turkish market. Some of those projects are the fully organic food supplements by Dr. Reinhard Hittich, Halal cosmetics for adults and babies, HomeThermal (thermal spa at home) and representation of products like ice wrap for sports injuries. In the mean time Lider also handles marketing, advertisement, e-commerce and call center servicing.

    Group Bostanci has been collecting experience since year 1972. Yet, with its professional and dynamic management team and personnel, it is forseen to have many other successful projects in the upcoming future.