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Group Bostanci Founded in 1972 by Ali Bahadır Bostanci is host to numerous a group of companies all connected to each other. These companies have provided the Group with A. Bahadır Bostanci’s signature on the various sectors and success prove himself.

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Alimar - OVOFIT Business partnership

Ovofit - 2015
Ali Bahadir Bostanci, has made an agreement was signed with the German company OVOFIT

İsrail Bali Rom COMPANY

Together we produce and export food additives together with the Israel Bali Rom Company

Akdeniz Shopping

Direct network marketing brand

Artı Eksi Energy A.Ş - İnci Akü

Gökhan Alkan - "With the successful implementation in 19 countries the scope has expanded to include care for every single facet with the addition after the start of implementation of the BRS battery inspection technology, this technology Traction batteries as well as other types of batteries and traction of this technology as a result of the research the usability of the application batteries, as well as AGM and Gel they see the battery can be applied by the ifae "This was a success of our research and development work on the subject and we currently operate plants in Turkey for the first revision of the AGM and batteries capable of having these new technologies applied."

Bahadır Bostancı

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Ali Bahadır Bostancı Ali Bahadır Bostancı
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